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Lobito Grill

Portuguese and Angolan Restaurant


Lobito Grill brings to you a combination of Portuguese and Angolan flavours. It is brought to you by its owner, who gained his cooking expertise from both countries which he is proud to call home. His desire, to create a local space in London where he could share a taste of his home cultures.

The aromas of the open grill floods the dining room, drawing in hungry Londoners. The restaurant specialises in a variety of grilled meats and a secret chilli sauce recipe, cooked to perfection right in front of your eyes. Come join us for a taste that you’ll never forget.

Pastel De Nata

Lobito Grill

Customers Say



“ The chips go really well with the homemade spicy sauce! ”

Emily Robinson - London

“ Grilled meat platter is great value for money and tastes amazing! ”

Ray Chooi - London

“ My favourite place in London for prawns! ”

Daniela Nunes - London